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life as a photographer in Lawrence, kansas

Sunflowers in Kansas

I started my photography business in Denver. Three years later, I moved back to my college town in Kansas. I love Lawrence, but the state of Kansas is pretty unbearable for me. Personally, I hate humidity and wind. Professionally, I hate humidity and wind. Shooting portraits outside in Kansas can be miserable. There are only a few weeks in the year when the weather is such that you and your subject aren't profusely sweating or completely frozen.

Try taking a portrait of anything with hair when the wind is roaring at 35+ mph! Also, if you live in Kansas, then you're probably aware of the gnarly insect population. I have been devoured by mosquitoes, chiggers and oak mites multiple times while shooting outdoor portraits. If you've never been bitten by these creatures before, then you don't know the kind of sleepless nights and annoying pain that comes with the territory!

When I moved back to Kansas from Colorado, I noticed and remembered almost immediately, how much more friendly the people are here. For this reason, I'm glad I moved, but it has been a challenge getting the kind of work I was getting in Denver. I've found that people here simply don't spend the kind of money on photography that the people in Denver did. The jobs I loved in Denver were large parties with fun activities such as a mechanical bull or go carts.

I think I like Lawrence Kansas because, generally, it seems like people find it easy to be who they want to be without fearing judgement. That kind of vibe seems to attract artists and others who don't necessarily make or spend a lot of money. As a minimalist, I find these people interesting and attractive, but as a business, it's not ideal.

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