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One Click

To make this holiday even more exciting, we're giving $50 in prints to the group with the best masks or props relating to the pandemic!

One Click is a pop-up, traveling studio created by multiple photographers and artists that call LFK home! 

Fox and Fern Farm.png

This holiday, we're at Fox & Fern Farm setting up a few fun photo scenes that keep your safety in mind.

1. Reserve Your FREE Session!

There's no charge to reserve your time OR take your photos! That's right! 

Check out the calendar now to see what days we'll be open! We're limiting times to the warmest part of the day!

2. Know Before You Go

Read our tips for a successful photo shoot with us!

3. Drive to the barn studio

That's right! We set up a multifaceted studio in the cool old barn rather than a stuffy enclosed room! Read more below about how we're being safe this year!

4. Smile for the Camera!

You have a whole 30 mins with the photographer who will take lots of candids and posed shots. At the end is a F-R-E-E Polaroid of the good times we had!

5. Get Link to Gallery

Like elves, we don't take breaks! You'll get an email with a link to your private gallery as soon as we're done processing the photos! (about 24 hours)

6. Purchase Online If You LOVE!

If you're like most, you'll love ALL your photos, which is why we offer the full-size digital gallery for just $95! Talk about easy and affordable! Other options for packages are available as well!

If you don't like your photos, well, there's no obligation to purchase! We hope you had fun anyway!



open setting

Instead of the enclosed photo studio, we borrowed an old red barn and opened all the doors! That means shelter from the weather while having plenty of space to distance. We can take precaution and still have fun!

masks & alcohol

Not that kind of alcohol! Still, you can't drink if you're sick in the hospital!

We will be wearing quality masks at all times and obsessively sanitizing between sessions. Sanitizer will also be provided for your personal use.

limited sessions

To ensure no groups are present at the same time, we are limiting sessions and setting apointments. While this might seem like a little over the top, it also means you get a quiet space to yourself with no worries of others! There's always a bright side!


Because we'll be ferociously sanitizing throughout the day, we're limiting shared props and encouraging people to bring your own! In fact, to make it fun, the group with the best props or masks relating to the pandemic will get a 

We seriously can't wait to see what you come up with!

(1 in 90 chance or better!)


Really, why not make this a pandemic something to remember?!  We're happily giving $50 in prints to the group with the best masks or props relating to the pandemic! Let your creativity shine!

(Shhhh... everyone actually gets a free polaroid, too, just to document the fun!)

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