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  • Do you take portraits?
    Yes! Senior portraits, baby portraits, profile photos, family portraits, pet portraits, etc.
  • How much do your packages cost?
    Depending on how formal the event, services cost $90 - $1,100. Please see my service page!
  • Will you travel?
    Yes, please! Hopefully you had somewhere beautiful in mind!
  • Do you take video?
    Yes! For additional costs, I have a great videographer! Contact me for more information!
  • What gear do you use?
    If I had a dollar for everytime someone asked this, I'd be moderately wealthy. :) My go-to is to ask a question back. "Have you ever looked at an amazing photo and been able to tell what gear they used?" I don't get many answers to that question. Mostly smiles. :) If you care about the gear more than the photo, then I'm guessing you're more a tech lover. I don't love tech. I love capturing moments. I love photography. I use Nikon gear because that's what my dad gave me to start with when I was in high school. I have worked with companies that used the Canon 5D mark ii and I thought it was fine. I still like the button placements on the Nikon bodies better, but I'm simply more experienced with their design. In the end, it's the person behind the gear that captures those moments. If you can take a
  • What is included in your packages?
    All packages, no matter the cost, include the following: A phone introducation Color and black & white copies All loaded onto a flash drive A link to a web album to share with your friends and family An emailed invoice Please see specific packages on the service page for more detailed information
  • Do you work on Holidays?
    YES! As an event photographer, I work ALL holidays and I love to do so!
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